May 30, 2022
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About Us

Early Start Australia | SA | Hindmarsh (formerly Develop Therapy Services) is a multi-disciplinary, community based practice providing services to individuals to 65 years of ageEstablished in 2011, it is a responsive, family-centred, relationship-based therapy practice. 

Our staff have experience working with people who have diagnosed disabilities such as Autism Spectrum Disorders, Cerebral Palsy, Developmental Delay, Downs and other Chromosomal Syndromes, Dyspraxia, Acquired Brain Injuries, and Language Disorders.

As a practice we have staff experienced in working within a trauma informed approach; with individuals within culturally diverse communities, and in using translators in service provision; and in working respectfully within the ATSI Community.

Our staff work collaboratively to support positive outcomes for each individual

Programs we deliver

Meet Our Principal

Alison Copley
Practice Principal

Alison graduated from the University of South Australia in 1993 with qualifications in occupational therapy. She has over 30 years’ experience working across rural and remote, community, hospital settings, and the education sector with children and families.  She specialises in working within complex situations, to develop the strengths of the individual and their supporting network. Alison also provides specialist input into national advisory groups related to Autism.

Sonya Murchland
Practice Principal

Sonya is an occupational therapist having graduated in 1982 and has undertaken post graduate studies in occupational therapy and architecture. She has experience with children and adults with multiple disabilities, across the physical, intellectual, social and rehabilitation sectors.  Sonya has also undertaken a variety of research projects and has skills in environmental analysis and assistive technologies for clients with complex needs.

Meet Our Team

Please call us on 08 8346 4580 if you would like further information.


214 Port Road, Hindmarsh SA 5007

228 Port Road, Hindmarsh SA 5007