September 11, 2020
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About Us

The Early Start Australia | WA |Stirling clinic (formerly Stirling Speech and Allied Services) opened in January 2020 and assists children and young adults (0-18 years) within the northern metropolitan area of Perth, with a special emphasis on the Early Start Denver Model.

The clinic focusses on the provision of the Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) to children from 18 months to four years of age with developmental delays or diagnoses. The program has received international acclaim and we are proud to be one of few services offering the program in WA.

This program is run by professionally trained Occupational Therapists and Speech and Language Pathologists who provide a combination of intensive one-on-one therapy and small groups; working on all aspects of a child’s development.

In addition, we see children and young adults for other types of speech therapy and occupational therapy.

We work to ensure our clients and their families to attain the best possible outcomes, and work closely with families and teachers to enable them to make informed choices about their child’s or student’s management. The most appropriate and enjoyable activities are presented to our clients and their families to assist with therapy engagement and home practice.

We provide services in the clinic, via telehealth and provide services at school, home and child care.

Please call us on 08 6559 7004 if you would like further information.

Stirling Clinic

Level 1, 31 Cedric Street, Stirling WA 6021

Meet our Practice Principal

Christine Wells
Practice Principal

Christine Wells qualified as a Speech Pathologist over 30 years ago having completed a Bachelor of Applied Science (Speech and Hearing Science) from Curtin University of Technology in Perth. She has worked in a variety of settings including child and adult disability, general hospital and community settings, and paediatric private practices.

Over the past 11 years, after establishing Stirling Speech and Allied Services, she has concentrated her efforts on supporting Speech Pathologists and Occupational Therapists to provide evidence-informed therapy within the clinic and in schools, and developing the business from a part-time single site concern to a highly acclaimed multi-site business within the Perth metropolitan area.

She has a special interest in guiding clinicians in their support of families and children and has a passion for increasing the involvement of therapy staff within the school environment as a support to both teachers and students.

Christine and Stirling Speech and Allied Services joined Early Start Australia in 2019.