Partnering with ESA

By becoming an Early Start Australia partner you will:

  • Have the support of other partners and the ESA management team to help grow and manage your business
  • Enable your team to focus on client service delivery with a team to support the administrative side of the business
  • Expand your professional network and access new ideas
  • Improve the use of technology to streamline your work practices
  • Increase the support, training and professional development available to your team
  • Have access to relief staff
  • Have a greater voice in liaison with NDIA
  • Have financial backing and support to grow

How does it work?
When you become an ESA partner you are provided with a number of services and supports including Business Management, Human Resources, Finance, Marketing, Clinical, and Systems and IT Platforms.

How will my role change?

You will continue to operate your clinic in a leadership capacity and continue to support your team and clients, with the added support of our Corporate Management team. Some of the key principals of becoming a Partner are:

  • Clear demonstration of evidence-based practice
  • NDIS registered or registration underway
  • Committed and engaged workforce
  • Willingness to grow and expand
  • Interest in adapting systems and processes
  • Wanting to be part of a national team

The Process

  • Complete the form
  • You will be contacted by an ESA Business Acquisition Team Member
  • ESA will organise a meeting to visit you and your clinic for an informal discussion
  • If there is agreement to proceed, a confidentiality agreement will be signed to enable us to share more information
  • A review of your business and opportunity to ask more questions occurs, allowing us then to proceed to a valuation discussion
  • If all parties are in agreement, the Due Diligence process will commence and involves:
    • Clinical audit
    • Financial review
    • Technology and Intellectual Property
    • Cultural fit
    • Material assets and contracts
    • Employees
    • Compliance and regulatory matters
  • Provision of documents
  • Confirmation of business structures
  • Finalisation and transition planning
  • Commencement as part of the ESA team


Our key success factors include:

  • A highly motivated management team with extensive industry experience
  • Passionate and committed clinicians
  • Strategic geographic footprint
  • Flexible service offering
  • Targeted early intervention services including ESDM
  • Strong community and referrer engagement
  • Evidence based best practice
  • Commitment to ongoing professional development
  • Streamlined systems and processes with effective IT systems to support workflow and enhance information management
  • Strong data management and analysis
  • Relationships and active collaboration with key decision and policy makers including research institutions
  • Emphasis on innovation
  • Appropriate pricing strategy and understanding the costs of service delivery
  • Brand recognition and a comprehensive knowledge management and social media strategy


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