What is it like to work at Early Start Australia

Inclusivity and Equity at ESA

Embedding Workplace Flexibility

ESA prides itself on offering flexibility because we respect that people lead different lives and have varying needs. We want to help our employees maintain a work/life balance, so they are the best versions of themselves at work. ESA offers flexible working hours and the option of a 9-day fortnight.

Committed to Gender Equality

ESA is committed to treating all employees equally and fairly so everyone, regardless of gender representation, has an equal chance of success. We are focused on ensuring all our policies, procedures and opportunities for growth are fair and equitable across the board.

Building an Inclusive Workplace

ESA acknowledges that it is essential for all employees to have a sense of belonging. We know that when people feel valued and included, this builds an improved ESA. We support our leaders to play an active role in listening to their people and having a non-judgemental approach to set people up for success.

ESA Employee Testimonials

ESA recognises that employee feedback is the core of ESA’s development and success. We want to grow with our employees so we strive to adapt and learn innovative ways for ESA to be a great place to work. Here are some real testimonials from our employees about their experiences working for ESA:

Early Start Australia and the clinic I work in are fantastic to work for! I honestly believe that they are genuinely invested in my career development and progression.

Management are extremely approachable and are always welcoming feedback and new ideas. They strive to keep their staff happy. I love how they support me to pursue my passions and also, where possible, tailor my caseload so that I can continue to grow in the areas that are of most interest to me.

You aren’t just a number on an employee database. They make the time to get to know their workers personally and make you feel like part of a working family. It’s the small things like that which make coming to work each day enjoyable.

Kimberlee – Occupational Therapist

In four and a half years working in the clinic my role and this business has evolved in so many ways. Since the merge with Early Start Australia, we have managed to grow and flourish like I have never seen before.

I consider my particular clinic as my family and I love everyone in my team. We are all very supportive of each other’s roles and we will always lend a hand when able to. We have amazing support from our head office, clinically and administratively, and they are always ensuring that we have the right tools and processes to make our jobs just that little bit easier.

A big part of my job is connecting people to the right type of service they need. For me when I see clients achieving their goals and our families are leaving their sessions so happy, it fills me with pure joy because I know I have connected that family to the right therapist for them. I want to grow our team so we can continue to deliver such an amazing service for our clients.

Ashleigh – Practice Manager

The team at my clinic are very much part of my family. I genuinely enjoy coming to work each day. I particularly look forward to our team meetings each fortnight where we get to spend time together as a team, reflecting on our successes, sharing stories, and enjoying yummy food! I am extremely proud of our team. Each and every person is truly dedicated and passionate about their work. I am frequently inspired by my team and am constantly learning and growing in my own clinical and professional skills as a result.
I can’t imagine wanting to be anywhere else!

Nicole – Practice Principal & Senior Occupational Therapist

I love working for ESA as I feel there is a real sense of community and team spirit. At our clinic we have great team building events and are encouraged to share our opinion and offer ideas on other events we could get involved in, or workshops we could hold that would best cater to our client base and the direction in which we would like our business to grow.

I like that Management help us to further our personal and professional development by asking where we see ourselves in the future and assist us in reaching these goals by informing us of relevant opportunities.

I also like that we start our team meetings by asking everyone what their personal and professional achievement was for the week as it’s important to focus on the positives and share our achievements with one another.

Lauren – Administration Assistant

I love working with everyone at my ESA clinic. Everyone helps each other and looks out for each other. I love how we all find time to talk to each other, celebrating our success stories and throwing ideas around when we are stuck. We learn from everyone and it’s a great environment!

Jessica – Occupational Therapist

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