Assistive Technology Equipment Prescription

Accessing assistive technology to improve the functioning of children can be a powerful tool to increase a child’s independence and improve their participation. Assistive technology equipment can help children become mobile, communicate more effectively and participate more fully in learning and play activities. Our therapists can work with you and your child to identify appropriate equipment that will help them achieve their goals including: 

  • Mobility e.g. wheelchairs, walking frames, and sticks 
  • Access e.g. IT access, modified bikes and trikes 
  • Postural support e.g. standing frames, supportive seating, body splinting, and orthotics  
  • Cognition e.g. task lists, picture schedules 
  • SPIO Suiting

This program is available at: 

Early Start Australia | ACT | Deakin, Kippax (p:02 6282 8793 e:[email protected] or e:[email protected])

Early Start Australia | NSW | Queanbeyan (p:02 6282 8793 e:[email protected])