Kindergarten and Year 1 Language and Literacy Camp

Offered in the September school holidays, the Kindergarten and Year 1 Language and Literacy Camp helps children who have difficulty learning language and literacy skills in the areas including but not limited to:

Receptive language

  • Understanding, remembering and following instructions
  • Understanding concepts
  • Understanding categories and making links between words e.g. shoes and socks are things we wear on our feet

Expressive language

  • Using a range of sentence structures
  • Asking and answering questions
  • Telling news

Preliteracy skills

  • Developing book awareness e.g. using pictures to add meaning
  • Developing sound awareness e.g. counting syllables, rhyming

Social language

  • Basic conversations e.g. greetings/farewells
  • Using the body to communicate

This program is available at:

Early Start Australia | NSW | Penrith
(p: 02 4739 0267 e: [email protected])

Program delivery varies between clinics so please check with your local clinic about their programs.