Kindergarten and School Screenings

We provide group screening programs at selected kindergartens and schools. The screening program includes:

  • Observation of students within the class routine (20-minutes). Observations include attention, behaviour and sensory processing.
  • Small group screening session for students (20-minutes). Structured activities are completed to observe age appropriate fine motor, gross motor and handwriting skills.
  • One-page summary report provided to parents about their child, following the screening. If results require further discussion this is done via telephone. Parents can give permission for a copy to be provided to their child’s teacher.

Permission must be provided by parents for students to participate. There is a $20 fee per student (minimum numbers apply).

This program is available at:

Early Start Australia | Qld | Toowong
(p: 07 3736 8690 e: [email protected])

Program delivery varies between clinics so please check with your local clinic about their programs.