Meet and Greet: Social Skills for Teens Holiday Program

Available during some school holidays, Meet and Greet: Social Skills for Teens is for teenagers in Years 7 – 10 who have difficulty knowing how to make friends and how to keep friends.

We work through strategies for:

  • Figuring out what others are thinking and feeling
  • Starting and continuing conversations
  • Managing and communicating feelings e.g. anxiety, anger
  • Solving social problems e.g. disagreeing, negotiating
  • Adjusting to different social situations
  • Understanding unwritten social rules
  • Sharing interests with other teens
  • Being confident

Cognitive strategies are taught and practised in the context of fun activities e.g. ten pin bowling, music, cooking and eating together.

This program is available at:

Early Start Australia | NSW | Penrith
(p:  02 4739 0267  e: [email protected])

Program delivery varies between clinics so please check with your local clinic about their programs.