Social Clubs

December 13, 2021

Success for children with Autism comes with the ability to provide for them a seamless transition from one life stage to another. Our Social Clubs are designed to consider each child’s specific developmental needs from two years to young adulthood. Our intervention programs are geared specifically towards our children transposing them into a peer related small group format.

The goal of these programs is to help each child obtain the skills necessary to achieve mainstream readiness or at least placement in the least restrictive setting. Our programs focus on fun, age appropriate and when necessary, individualised activities that systematically encourage language, social skills, and other foundational skills toward getting ready for all school levels.

We want the children to have fun, enjoy being with their peer group, make friends, be kind to one another, hang-out, talk about ‘kid-stuff’ and above all, be happy!

Social skills will help your child know how to act in different social situations – from talking to their grandparents when they visit, to playing with friends at school. They will also learn how to make friends, learn from others and develop hobbies and interests. These skills can also help with family relationships and give your child a sense of belonging, as well as improve their mental health and overall quality of life and very importantly, they are taught to have FUN!

The Social Clubs run for 3 hours a session during school terms (10 weeks) and include snack time and a main meal.

Various group activities include:

  • Functional, cooperative and independent play
  • Conversation skills
  • Emotional and self-regulation skills
  • Problem solving
  • Sharing
  • Turn taking
  • Friendship skills
  • Safety skills
  • Fine and gross motor skills
  • Generalisation of previously acquired skills
  • Personal manners
  • and much more!

We also take children without a formal diagnosis or children who display behavioural issues and need a social outlet. We will conduct an evaluation of all children to see if they are ready for these programs and which social clubs suits them the best. Entry to our Social Clubs is determined by their developmental needs to ensure a successful outcome.

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This program is available at:

Program delivery varies between clinics so please check with your local clinic about their programs.