Toilet Training

June 22, 2021

Out of all the skills that a child develops during their childhood, the independent use of the toilet is perhaps the most appreciated by parents! When a child struggles to master this skill, is delayed, or resistant to this, it can be really challenging for a parent. When toilet training goes on for a while, parents tell us they feel like they have tried everything and they have no more strategies left.

Some children continue to go in a nappy or pants, others may hold it in for long periods causing health issues. As children get older, parents can become increasingly concerned about their child not being toilet trained before starting school and the implications of this. Nighttime incontinence beyond the age of five years is also an issue that help is sought for.

A comprehensive assessment provides parents with expert help in working towards solutions to this complex problem. An assessment starts by analysing the child’s current physical skills, sensory and behaviour patterns and daily routines. With this information a personalised program is developed to help guide and support your child to master this essential skill.

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When your child begins to be able to use a toilet successfully day and night, you will be one step closer to changing your last ever nappy or last set of bed sheets due to a nighttime accident! Your child will gain confidence and you will no longer need to be concerned about the health issues that can be caused by poor toileting habits, or the social issues that may arise as they get older and attend school or sleepovers.


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Program delivery varies between clinics so please check with your local clinic about their programs.