Neuromotor Developmental Assessment and Screening

The way a baby or child moves is often more important than the time frame in which they achieve developmental milestones. 

You may notice your child: 

  • has difficulty with balance or coordination 
  • has postural peculiarities 
  • is not progressing with their gross or fine motor skills 
  • has language delay 
  • has feeding difficulties 

neuromotor developmental assessment can identify if your child is presenting with a movement concern or is just developing at their own rate. Often a well-targeted set of activities is all that is required to help a child achieve their milestones and a mild delay can be rectified with a brief period of intervention. 

If a movement concern is identified, we will refer and work with your child’s medical team. 

We use standardised assessments in gross motor, fine motor, sensory, and language and comprehension to give you a clear understanding of how your child is developing. 

This program is available at: 

Early Start Australia | ACT | Deakin, Kippax (p:02 6282 8793 or

Early Start Australia | NSW | Queanbeyan (p:02 6282 8793