Brooke Perrin

February 28, 2022

Brooke has a Bachelor of Health Science and a Master of Speech Pathology, and is the Practice Principal and Senior Speech Pathologist at our Camberwell and Oakleigh clinics. She has worked with clients in all stages of the life span with an aim to assist her clients achieve their communication goals in ways that are fun and functional, for them and their support network. Brooke’s positive nature and ability to make quick connections with those around her ensures her clients, their families and teams feel supported and understood.

Brooke has gained a large and continuing skillset in a range of areas. Not only does Brooke provide individual therapy sessions, but she also thrives in running a number of groups with preschool and school age children (and previously with adults). These groups have been run in areas including social skills, language skills, literacy, corporate networking and soft skills, and vocal health.