Caroline de Fina

July 21, 2021

Caroline de Fina is a Paediatric Psychologist and founded Best Start Clinic, a leading paediatric allied health clinic, in 2011 after working in early intervention in London for many years. Caroline grew the  practice to span five locations with a large team across Melbourne, the Mornington Peninsula and the Barwon Region, whilst being the busy mum to three young children. Her practice is well regarded for its intensive ESDM service and unique centre-based ESDM program, Little Oaks, devised by Caroline and team.

Caroline holds dual Masters in Educational and Developmental Psychology (Monash University) and Cross-Cultural Child Development (Brunel University London). Caroline is a Certified ESDM Trainer and a Certified ESDM Therapist and has trained in the ESDM Parent Coaching model at the MIND Institute, University of California, Davis.

She has worked with children of varied ages and needs and is particularly passionate about the early identification of autism spectrum conditions, support to parents in early intervention, and the training of future practitioners.

Caroline joined Early Start Australia in 2018 and is the autism early intervention lead at Early Start Australia.

Caroline is Practice Principal of the Brighton, Frankston, Geelong, Preston and Sandringham clinics.

Caroline de Fina