Kathy Ziatas

August 20, 2021

Kathy Ziatas has been privileged to work in speech pathology for over 35 years. She is committed to providing a quality service to individuals with communication needs and across this time has built a special care and interest for individuals with autism and related disorders. Kathy is passionate about multidisciplinary service delivery models and the integration of positive behaviour supports, person centered planning and service delivery to support individuals from childhood and into their adult lives.

Kathy has had the time and opportunity to complete training in Hanen, group therapy models, Positive Behaviour Support, Prompt, ADOS Diagnostic Assessment, Colourful Semantics and Attention Autism. Kathy completed her PhD thesis in the area of theory of mind and conversational competence. Having grown up in the country on farms Kathy has a strong commitment to provision of regional service. She is proud of the services provided by our regional and visiting clinicians throughout Western Australia. Kathy’s great pleasure is in working with the amazing families and wonderful therapists that make up the teams at the Salter Point and regional clinics.

Kathy and her husband Chris have four grown children, ten trout, five frogs, four adolescent tadpoles and one dog.

Kathy is Practice Principal of the Albany, Geraldton and Salter Point clinics.

Kathy Ziatas