With the recent developments relating to the COVID-19 outbreak, telehealth has quickly become the preferred approach to support the continuation of therapy, while ensuring the health and safety of our clients, families and therapists.

Telehealth is an alternate way of delivering effective evidence-based allied health therapy services. Using the latest technology (e.g. phone, smart device or a computer with access internet access), we can help you access telehealth services while eliminating potential health risks. So instead of being in the same room as your therapist, your face-to-face appointment is virtual; through the use of digital technology or over the phone.

All allied health services are considered essential services and we have transitioned to telehealth to ensure the continuation of therapy that best meets the needs of your family.

There are a number of important benefits to using telehealth technology at this time including:

  • Eliminates health and safety risks such as exposure to COVID-19
  • Supports the continuation of therapy service support
  • Is a convenient alternative to face-to-face
  • Eliminates travel times and costs

All of our therapists are trained to deliver telehealth services. They are creative, responsive and flexible and can successfully integrate telehealth into their practice to support you and your child continue with therapy.

Telehealth is delivered via a secure platform and is kept confidential.  Please be assured that your child’s ongoing therapy is our number one priority and will not be diminished by adopting telehealth.

Contact one of our clinics to book a telehealth appointment today.

Telehealth is funded through NDIS, Medicare and most recently Private Health during the COVID-19 outbreak. Check with your specific private health fund, if this applies to you as they are updating rebates at different times.